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Hello World!

A couple of words about my new blog


Yesterday I spontaneously and without long planning launched my new blog. In a couple of hours I sketched first version of design, wrote HTMLs, bought new domain name and uploaded all this stuff to the Internet. Earlier I already had blog on Live Journal and my own website, but suddenly I realized that I need to remake everything.

The old site had an abstract name — This was due to the fact that initially it was created by a group of people and absolutely was made for the other goals. After awhile it was forstaken and then became my personal website with portfolio. But now I want to make my website more personalized. And if there is such an idea, it’ll be good to rebuild the whole site.

As for the blog I had one. I really was more a reader than a regular author but still wrote something sometimes. I don’t want to say that now I have a lot of free time or hundreds of interesting themes, but periodically I need to write something more than 140 symbols and anytime all goes for searching a place to publish. I guess that my new site perfectly cope with this task. Of course I could write to LJ but I think that this platform is more dead than alive. So let there be my own fully customizeble blog with blackjack and girls. And LJ receive crossposts maybe, I’m not shure.

In future I’m going to add other functions for which I don’t have enough time now. Also comments, and other blog stuff. Then maybe I will add a portfolio with my own projects. Well in general the plans are huge. As always.


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