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Never, ever, ever install any OS beta on your main computer.

Seriosly. Never!


It looks quite obvious, doesn’t it? And I was also absolutely agree with that fact. However my curiosity easily helped me ruin my same rule. How did this happen?

One fine day I rummaged in iOS 8 Beta and my attention was captured by iCloud Drive feature. I necessary wanted to try it. The warning said that if I convert my iCloud into iCloud Drive then I would loose access to all the synced files from the systems older than iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite. I tried to remember if I kept something important there, but I didn’t remember nothing similar and pressed the Next button with the piece of mind.

But the fact was that I really forgot something important — my work documents from Numbers and Pages. I don’t know how. Very important documents. The situation was aggravated by the fact that both mobile apps crashed when I was trying to export from iOS 8 beta.

Ok. Nothing wrong. Wait for Yosemite release and all will be fine. But then the news about Yosemite Public Beta 1 came. I read the reviews on various websites. Some programs didn’t work correctly, but the whole system seemed to be very stable. That’s it! — I thought. And that was my mistake number 2.

The system was installed without any accidents but there was one more problem. It didn’t have just a couple of bugs, it didn’t work at all! Actually I couldn’t launch even Safari! And when I launched the System Monitor app Mac could just go to reboot. So nice. Needless to say that any work was just imposible. In fact my curiosity has left me without a main working tool.

The good news were that in few days Public Beta 2 was released. It solved most of the problems. Now my Mac works still pretty slow but at least it works. And this makes me happy. More good news is that all files and projects are doing well, and no settings have been reseted, so there is no need to restore it from backup. Thank you, Apple.

In the end I want to say: don’t repeat my experience and be careful in violation of the obvious rules. And of cource: newer, ever, ever install any OS beta on your main computer.


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